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Confusing - food factor robot game

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  • Confusing - food factor robot game

    It is said that we can create a robot in any size. And in the rules, before the robot becomes active it must not exceed the base, which is a VOLUME. Then that means our robot must not be bigger than 1 feet cube. Which contradicts to the rule that we can create a robot in any size. Therefor, confusing

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    Re: Confusing - food factor robot game

    Yes, the rules to the robot game can be confusing for people who are new to FLL. It sounds like you are trying to read the rules carefully, and figure out what they mean. That's great! Feel free to post questions here if you find the rules confusing.

    For your question about the size of the robot, the most relevant sections in the rules are probably section 6 - Match, and section 8 - Base. If you read those sections again, you should be able to figure out that your current interpretation is close to the correct rule, but a little bit off.

    From Section 6
    The match starts and you start the robot from Base. Once started, the robot is “active” and is understood to be working “autonomously” on missions, under its own power and programming, allowed to grow to any size and go anywhere it wants.
    From Section 8
    Base is an imaginary box formed by vertical walls that rise from the perimeter of the Base area, including the inside surface of the border walls, and by an invisible ceiling 16 in (40 cm) high.