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Axis 206 Hook-Up question

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  • Axis 206 Hook-Up question

    Currently, I am home sitting with the 2go pc.

    i have my modem wired to the provided router. I have the axis camera wired to the gaming adapter, also provided. What do i need to do to make sure that: A) the provided wireless router recognizes and recieves signal from the gaming adapter and B) how do I make the camera (provided my setup is corrected how ever it needs to be) show it's signal in the provided program on the laptop. My team is a rookie team and i would like all the help we can get.

    My main concern is im pretty sure there is absolutely no need for the modem, as there will obviously be no provided wired internet at the competition. What i do not fully understand is how to wire the whole setup. I realize this will be running off of the provided onboard cuircuts on the robot, but i need to install and check all of the drivers before hand, correct?

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    Re: Axis 206 Hook-Up question

    If you follow through the steps in the Control System manual (Section 2), it will take you through the set up, step by step. You'll use the provided router when you're practicing before hand so that you don't have to have a really long Ethernet cable to connect from the Classmate PC to the cRio on the robot. At the tournament, you won't use your router. Basically, here's how it goes:
    The Classmate's connected to the Wireless Router (wired, or not!)
    The Wireless Router's connected (wirelessly) to the Game Adapter
    The Game Adapter is connected to the cRio (wired)

    We're just getting the Axis camera to work, but as far as we can tell, it will be connected to the cRio in Port 2.

    I worked through the process last year and as much as the manual tries to lay things out in a step by step manner, I found that I could still mess it up!

    Have fun!