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Problems with the camera

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  • Problems with the camera

    our electronics team has been trying to configure the camera, using last years camera, but it doesnt register at all. Power gets to it, we checked it with a volt meter but the indicator light for connectivity wont even come on and it cannnot be located through our systems. we even switched Crios but nothing has been working.

    we changed software and hard ware all weekend with no results.

    we have gone looking for a replacement camera but in the rules the scrutiny of wheather or not the camera is going to interfere with othe camera's people are using is evident. does anybody have any ideas to fix our camera problem?

    like a suitable replacement camera with no interference or a solution for our current camera?

    all help apreciated

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    Re: Problems with the camera

    The Axis camera needs a cross over ethernet cable. That is the pink cable that was included in the Kit Of Parts. Make sure you are using that cable and not a regular ethernet cable.

    The next thing to try is to connect the camera to your PC, also using the cross over cable. Change the IP address of the PC to Bring up your browser and go to IP address This is the address of the camera and you should be able to get a web page to come up. It may ask you to set the root password. Set the root password to "admin". It will then ask you to log in. Use the root account with the "admin" password.

    At this point you should be talking to the camera. It may ask you to load an activeX application. You don't have to but I did because it made it easier because I could see the camera's image.

    Go to the Setup page and create a new account. The Vision library requires that there be a user account called FRC with a password of FRC. Create this as an administrator account. Make sure you press the save button.

    You should now be able to plug the camera into ethernet socket 2 on the cRio and start experimenting with the Vision Demo 2010 program.