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  • How to use roborealm

    I am a first year programmer and do not understand the principle of ROBOREALM. I am using commandbase java.

    How do I make it show up in the driver station?
    Do I still have to write code?
    What do I do to make it detect the reflective tape and how do I write commands to use that data?
    How does it work?

    I have looked at roborealms tutorials and they did not help me at all.

    ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!
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    Re: How to use roborealm

    RoboRealm is a separate application that you would run on your Driver Station computer (or a computer on your robot). To configure the camera for use with RoboRealm, configure it using the Axis Camera Configuration tool as described here: This will set the IP appropriately for your team and enable anonymous. Then set up RoboRealm to receive data from the camera as described in this RoboRealm tutorial:

    You will need to "write" the RoboRealm script for processing the image using the RoboRealm GUI. You would also need to write the code on your cRIO to receive and act on the data sent by RoboRealm.

    I have not attempted to use RoboRealm to detect the 2014 Vision targets. I would start by looking at the 2013 tutorial for finding the target and reading about why each step is done, then deciding if that step makes sense for this year's target. Set up a camera or use the sample images to see how adding each step affects the output.

    The easiest way to communicate between the RoboRealm program and your robot program is using Network Tables. The tutorial on the RoboRealm side of this can be found here: On your Robot side (assuming you use the SmartDashboard table) you would get the data using methods like SmartDashboard.getBoolean("KeyName") or SmartDashboard.getNumber("KeyName").
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