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Can we format the Classmate???

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  • Can we format the Classmate???

    We need to format the Classmate but dont know how to format it.Also is it possible to format it???

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    Re: Can we format the Classmate???

    Not sure why you need to format the classmate? Are you planning on using
    the supplied recovery flash drive to recover the classmate drive back to its original installation condition?

    another thread posted this:
    Use the restoration key and the instructions in the control system manual (at the end of Section 1.5.5, to restore your classmate.

    synopsis of that section:

    In the event your Classmate has been corrupted, the USB key required to restore you Classmate has been included in your kit. Please note that this USB Key, a 4GB Thumb Drive, is not a general use storage device, but instead has been loaded with the Classmate default image and should be protected and kept pristine in case you need to restore your machine.
    To restore your machine, please follow the steps below (note, this process takes approximately 20 minutes):
    - With the Classmate powered OFF, insert the USB Key into an available USB port. Do not use a USB hub, plug the Key directly into the Classmate.
    - Power on the Classmate and when you see the 2GoPC screen, repeatedly press F11 until a small window appears entitled "Please Select Boot Device."
    - Using the cursor keys, select the USB Key. It is the second item in the list (the Key will appear twice, select the first instance of the name, which is the second item on the list), beginning with USB:xxxx. Do NOT select "USB: Generic Device," this is not your USB Key.
    - Press Enter and allow the Classmate to boot from the USB Key. Be patient, it can take a minute of more for it to finish. You will now be at x:/windows/system32.
    - Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process. It is recommended that, to do a clean restore, select Option 3, Prepare AND Restore.

    hope this helps you,
    Brian Dealy
    team 3341 rookie mentor


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      Re: Can we format the Classmate???

      when you reformat the classmate does it also reformat the driver and develope station?