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Robot Radio detected, RoboRio not found

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  • Robot Radio detected, RoboRio not found

    Hello, everyone! I'm David from Team 3340 Magnegeeks, and we're having a peculiar problem with our robot. The robot is comsoped of 7 Talon SRXs, the new PDP with the NI roboRIO (not the older cRIO), and the OM5P-AN radio. We've updated all the images to the latest versions on these various components, and we've configured both the RIO and bridge, both are working fine. We can deploy code and access the web dashboard of the RIO and the radio, tethered by USB, Ethernet, and wireless. The problem is, neither of our drive computers detects our robot's RIO, despite being able to access the dashboard and deploy code wirelessly.The DS has a green light over the Robot Radio on the Diagnostics screen, but that's all. Plugging it in by USB or Ethernet tether make it work fine. What's happening here?

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    Re: Robot Radio detected, RoboRio not found

    It sounds like the mDNS used by the Driver Station is having some trouble locating the roboRIO. We have heard some reports of this happening more frequently with the new radio, but have not been able to reproduce it or pin down a cause. If your dashboard and deploy are working, I would recommend trying the following: Open the Driver Station and go to the Setup tab (where your team number is), click in the Team number box and replace your team number with the text in quotes: "roborio-3340-FRC.lan"
    FRC Robotics Engineer