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Controller doesn't respond sometimes

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  • Controller doesn't respond sometimes

    Hey I'm the programming team leader of the frc team Hadaream Team #3075.
    For several days now we have encoutered a weird problem, sometimes the contorller stucks on the last known input, but the DriverStation shows us the change in the controller but our code doesn't. We thought it was a problem in the DriverStation, but testing with old version of the DriverStation (and the same version of the code) doesn't solve the issue. now we are currently aren't sure were is the problem. This usually happens when we upload code, it can happen while we are in enable mode but it is much more rare.

    We have written in cheif delphi, but no one could help us.

    The issue seems to start when we switched to the WPILIB 2022.

    We are really frustrated, please help us.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay, looks like something got screwed up with subscriptions and I didn't get an e-mail about this post.

    This was due to a bug in WPILib and was resolved with the 2022.2.1 update released over the weekend. Sorry for the frustration!!
    FRC Robotics Engineer