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COTS Battery Packs 2.5amp Limitation.

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  • COTS Battery Packs 2.5amp Limitation.

    Newer COTS Battery packs that fall within the 20000mah restriction often can supply 3 amps per port. Many newer processors like the Raspberry PI 4 need that extra power. The Jetson Nano requires up to 4 amps if you are doing things right. I feel like the restriction to 2.5 amps per port and the unmodified COTS cables restrictions are not keeping up with the latest technologies. I also think that allowing teams to re-purpose the PCM port (if they are not using pneumatics) to power items like above and the limelight wouldn't be such a bad thing, especially since the VRM cannot be used to power these types of systems. Our robots are getting more complicated and that is a good thing and it would be a shame for a team to have to choose between a motor and vision systems. Just my current opinion.

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    With that out of the way, I wouldn't recommend connecting anything except what the manual currently recommends to the VRM/PCM terminals on the PDP. The reason being to prevent an issue with the power path to the radio on the robot. The PCM and VRM have been tested such that when connected correctly it is very hard to draw enough power to trip the breaker and cause the radio to loose power.

    You can use a power regulator like this one to get more current to a Raspberry Pi, while connected to the PDP. It has a minimum voltage of 6.3v and thus should be able to survive most brown outs.