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Need to know what controller to use

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  • Need to know what controller to use

    Hi, we are a rookie team and we need to know what controller to buy for following motors (couldn't seem to find clear answers on vendors' websites):

    AndyMark Redline am-3375a
    Vexpro BAG Motor
    Vexpro miniCIM motor

    We are already using Victor Spx on 4 CIM motors on our drive train, will that controller also work for BAG and miniCIM?


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    Hi Alan! Welcome to the FIRST Forums!

    In general, most FRC motor controllers are generic brushed motor controllers and are not specific to which motors they can control and most FRC motors are brushed motors. The exceptions are the Nidec Dynamo motor which is a brushless motor with it's controller integrated, and the REV Robotics NEO Brushless motor which can only be controlled by the REV Robotics SPARK MAX controller (though this controller can also control brushed motors).

    Victor SPXs can certainly be used with all of the motors listed (though make sure you are only using motor per controller).

    For details on what can be wired to what, check out Section 10.2 of the Game Manual.
    FRC Robotics Engineer


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      We use the VictorSPX and the Talon SRX for all of our motors. I never had a problem using them both interchangeably. Just make sure that you have the same type of controllers on joint systems, such as gearboxes. Don't know if this makes a difference but I've always done it that way,