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Splitting Off PWM Motors and Re-wiring

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  • Splitting Off PWM Motors and Re-wiring

    Hey there. I am part of team #6188 and we have come up with a solution to one of our problems. We are not sure if it is against the rules or not so I am asking you this. We want to have more than 10 motors hooked up to our roboRIO without having to purchase an extension. Our thought was to have a splitter come out of one of the PWM ports that can allow for another two motor controllers to be hooked up. They would be hooked up to our intake system where we can then take the power from one and flip the power. (I.E. One would stay red-to-red & black-to-black while the other one becomes red-black & black-to-red.) We were just wondering if is against the rules to A. Split a connection from one PWM to two motor controllers and B. Flip our connection to a motor controller. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance.
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    Hello! Just going to preface this with anything on the forums is not official information.

    There is nothing in the rules about splitting PWM connections. This is something teams have done in the past to make code easier and to put more motors onto the roborio without using the MXP port. This is so common that AndyMark sells a pre-made cable that does what you want: One more thing to note, each motor controller must be connected to its own wago connector on the PDP (R47).

    DC motors do not care which way they are plugged in. The coloring scheme of the motor cables or sometimes a red mark on the housing is just a convention. That way if you have multiple motors, you know they will turn the same way without guessing and checking. Please note: you cannot plug a motor controller in backwards to the PDP. The polarity of the motor controller is important where with the motor it is not. TLDR, yes, you can plug a motor into a motor controller "backwards".