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where is the RobotRio Firmware?

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  • where is the RobotRio Firmware?

    The instructions ...

    say the file is here - Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\76F2\

    We uninstalled the existing NI software and we installed the FRC Update Suite onto our 32 bit Windows Vista machine and there is no Program Files\National Instruments folder. There are new folders for the various components like Program Files\FRC Drivers Station.

    It turned out the installer installed the content under C:\Windriver, the folder we used for the WindRiver C++ environment from last year mixing it in with the various Windriver folders. There is no mention to uninstall WindRiver and I had hoped to leave it to recover last years program. However it seems that something in the NI installer finds this old location and puts stuff there. Possibly we missed a change location option in the install.

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    Re: where is the RobotRio Firmware?

    I have not heard of this issue. Are you sure that this year's components were installed into C:\Windriver? Can you provide an example of a file installed to that location that is from this year's install? I never removed the C:\Windriver folder from my machine and I have not seen an issue like this with any NI installer from Alpha testing all the way through the Kickoff release.

    I don't think Windows Vista saw much if any testing during Beta, but this is a very strange failure mode.

    I can certainly attempt to assist you here, but your fastest resolution will likely com from calling the NI FRC Support line which is available 1:00 - 7:00 PM CST Mon-Fri at 866-511-6285.
    FRC Robotics Engineer