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  • roboRIO firmware

    At a local RQBS, I don't believe that many, if any of the teams installed the roboRIO Firmware. They got up and running just fine. Other then being required by R45, what effect would not having updated firmware cause?

    Here's another RQBS where teams may not have installed the firmware:
    Team 330 beta tester

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    Re: roboRIO firmware

    Compared to the firmware that shipped on the kit roboRIOs, there were minor changes to the OS that address some security concerns. It is not critical to update the firmware, but using the same released firmware that underwent all of the release testing and the beta testing should remove possible uncertainty about the differences.

    Again, this is not required, but is recommended. For those who are unsure of the process of updating firmware or do not want to risk having a problem updating the firmware, this step may be skipped. Your inspector may require the release version, however, so it may be safer to get this done long before competition when you have time to react to a problem rather than at the competition where you will already be under time pressure and not want to deal with any problem that may arise.