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Stacking MXP Connectors

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  • jross
    Re: Stacking MXP Connectors

    I haven't seen a single connector that would do that. You can get SMT male and female connectors that you could put on top and bottom of the board.

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  • slibert
    started a topic Stacking MXP Connectors

    Stacking MXP Connectors

    Has anyone come across a good method for "stacking" MXP boards (similar to the way Arduino shields can be stacked)?

    I'm thinking if there was a connector with a 2x17 female MXP connector one the Roborio (downward-facing) side, which also had long enough pins (and perhaps even a housing) on the other ("top") side - and it projected up through the top of an MXP board, then multiple MXP boards could be mounted on a single RoboRio. This would allow someone developing an MXP board w/sensors on it to be able to use another MXP board at the same time (for instance, a MXP board w/digital I/O breakouts). Unfortunately, I haven't come across such a connector.

    Thanks for any input you may have on this,

    - scott