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planning for 2015 - new control system

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  • planning for 2015 - new control system

    As we get ready to watch the competition in St.Louis, we are also beginning to think about next season. Where and when will complete details of the new control system be published?
    A specific question, for example, is:
    -What motor controllers will be legal? Are we only allowed to use Talon SRs, or will Victors and Jaguars be permitted.
    -For developing the needed programming skills, can we assume that WPILib for Java and C++ will be essentially unchanged?

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    Re: planning for 2015 - new control system


    I don't know that we have made anything public yet on the answer to your first question. On your second question, the alpha teams can tell you that while the tools are changing, the intent is for WPILib to remain in similar form to what is currently available. There may be some "breaking changes" as we try to correct things that we have left in place in the cRIO libraries to maintain compatibility, remove deprecated methods from the cRIO libraries, support new features (such as the CAN-controlled Pneumatics Control Module and CAN-monitored Power Distribution Panel), and adapt the libraries to the changing interface for existing features (primarily buses such as I2C and SPI); however, the intent is to keep the libraries as similar as we can to ease the transition to the new system.

    Frank's Blog, the NI FRC portal, this forum and the FIRST e-mail blasts are all good places to keep an eye on as additional details about the 2015 system become available.
    FRC Robotics Engineer


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      Re: planning for 2015 - new control system

      Here is the link given at the championship for applying to beta test the 2015 control system. Applications are due by end of May with beta testing starting in July.
      Team 330 beta tester