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    Our team (3513) was planning on building a practice bot in the time between SBD and comp. Our current robot uses Talon motor controllers, which we do not have enough of for a practice bot. Since more talons would be too expensive to purchase (as well as them being out of stock), we were wondering if it would work to use a different motor controller. Out of the three motor controllers (Talon, Jaguar, Victor), aren't two of them practically the same?

    Any help appreciated,

    Rohnin Randles (#3513)

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    Re: Motor Controllers

    Hi Rohnin. If using just the PWM interface, there are minor differences between the 3 different controllers based on the particular parts they use, the way and speed that they switch the output and the way they measure the input signal. Having said that, if you adjust the code to use the appropriate controller type and make sure you are calibrating the controllers in both cases so you know you are using the fill output range, you will likely see close enough performance (depending on what you are trying to accomplish). The biggest area to be careful would probably be tuning PID loops as the output response curve of the 3 different controllers look a little different.
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      Re: Motor Controllers

      You can see a comparison of speed controllers response curves here:
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