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  • PWM Control Signal

    I've been searching, so far unsuccessfully, so I'm asking here. What is the actual PWM control signal that comes out of the digital sidecar and goes into the motor controller control input? Is it actually a pulse-width modulated square wave similar to the actual motor output signal from the controllers (which, I understand IS just such a modulated wuare wave), or is it some other type of signal, like maybe an analog voltage, that the motor controller interprets in order to generate its PWM output?
    And also, how is motor direction controlled / determined?

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    Re: PWM Control Signal

    The input to the motor controllers is the same that is used in the RC industry for servos. See here for more details: The motor controller measures the length of the input pulses and generates the correct duty cycle output for the motors (often at a much higher rate then the input signal). There are more details about how this is implemented in the FRC control system here:
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      Re: PWM Control Signal

      Thanks very much.