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  • SmartDashboard for C++

    Can someone point me to the source code for the SmartDashoard for C++?
    The Robotbuilder generates C++ project code with references to LiveWindow.h.
    I have been unable to locate this file.

    I have downloaded the Smartdashboard project Source Code file from

    but there are no .cpp or .h files. Seems to be java focused. I am assuming there is C++ code since Robotbuilder generates source code which uses it.

    Thank you

    Mark Quinlan
    Mentor Team 138

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    Re: SmartDashboard for C++

    Hi Mark,

    Although the Robot Builder project is public on the FIRSTForge site, as you've noticed the code generated requires some of the changes to WPILib that are currently in Beta including the new LiveWindow/Test mode functionality.

    When the new C++ libraries are fully released at kickoff they will include the files and methods you are currently missing.

    The SmartDashboard itself is a Java program, but it is designed to work seamlessly with both C++ and Java robot programs.

    We're working hard on getting tons of documentation up detailing all these new features, what they do, and how to get started with them that should help you get going after kickoff.
    FRC Robotics Engineer