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What constitutes founding another team?

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  • What constitutes founding another team?

    Ok, so I posted the "what constitutes mentoring" now I'll post what constitutes founding another team. Many claim to found teams. What does that mean? Introducing them to FIRST? Helping them their first build season? Getting them funding? etc.

    We have spoken to hundreds about FIRST and many have formed teams thru their association with us but I don't like to stretch things. Did we found them?

    What do teams mean by "we founded 5 teams this season"?

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    Re: What constitutes founding another team?

    I would consider “founding” to be much like the “founding fathers” for the United States.

    They helped the new States to organize (provide or recruit leaders),
    implement structure and procedures (lead meetings, provide example resources, write “laws”),
    and provided guidance and experience when asked (mentoring).

    It was not enough for the “founding fathers” to simply tell
    the English colonies about the idea of self-government.
    They had to work WITH the local authorities, politicians, lawmakers, and visionaries
    to craft a cohesive and self-sustaining system which you and I enjoy to this day.

    So, our team actually “founded” a FTC team,
    and over the years they have taken on more and more self-governing.
    We still have high-school students mentor the younger kids,
    but that is a two-way benefit as teaching is the best way to really learn.

    That is my own personal opinion for defining “founding.”