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UV Lights on Robot and Drivers' Station

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  • UV Lights on Robot and Drivers' Station

    My team decided to put unshielded UV cold cathodes and UV LEDs on our drivers' station and robot. They are not against the rules, but they are a potential eye hazard. I brought up the issue with my team's mentors, but I was ignored. What action should I take?

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    Re: UV Lights on Robot and Drivers' Station

    R08 may be relevant here:
    [R08] Robot parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, or interfere with the operation of other Robots.
    If your team does want to leave the UV lighting in place I would suggest you be prepared to document that the lighting is safe according to a widely accepted exposure standard such as the The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection if you are asked by your inspector to prove the lighting complies with R08.

    If the LEDs or CCLs do not serve a functional robot purpose I would recommend against them. They don't make very good decoration, because no one can see them!
    FRC Robotics Engineer


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      Re: UV Lights on Robot and Drivers' Station

      While UV lights are primarily intended for the UV light they emit, UV lights emit visible light in addition to UV light. These lights were selected for the purple (our team color) light they emit within the visible spectrum.