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Wiring for a festo solenoid

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  • Wiring for a festo solenoid

    How do you wire a festo solenoid? Here is what we have done:

    For the compressor, we wired the relay plugged into a relay port on the DS. The pressure switch to a digital port on the DS.

    For the festo dbl solenoid do you wire the black wires from both sides of the solenoid into seperate ports on the relay breakout on the cRio and the red wires from both sides to 24V. If so, where can we get this 24Volts.

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    Re: Wiring for a festo solenoid

    24V solenoids cannot be used with Spike Relays. You may wire the power input of one Solenoid Breakout board (placed on top of an NI9472 cRIO module) to the 24V supply on the Power Distribution board (the one used for the cRIO). You would then wire the black wire from each pair from your solenoid to one of the (-) pins on the breakout and the red wire to the matching SIG pin.
    FRC Robotics Engineer