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  • Chairman Award Repeats

    At our local regional the same team has one chairman two years in a row. Based on the rules this seems legal but is it. How can newer teams ever catch them??

    wendy holladay
    mentor team 1912

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    Re: Chairman Award Repeats

    sorry instead of one i meant won so

    At our local regional the same team has won chairman two years in a row. Based on the rules this seems legal but is it. How can newer teams ever catch them??

    wendy holladay


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      Re: Chairman Award Repeats

      Nasa Rookie sponsor teams required to do Chairman Award, but is Feb 18th deadline or Regional Judges turn in the deadline?
      Dave - Thanks all for help & tremendous support!

      Dave Abramson - Team3341 Mentor
      Westview High School Rookie Team - "The Manhattan Project"


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        Arizona awards not fair

        In Arizona, the same team wins the state championship award year after year. They won it again this year despite being in fifth place for the robot performance. I realize that robot performance is not everything, but shouldn't it be important in a robotics competition?

        The team who won the research award at Arizona State was praised by judges for their dancing abilities. No kidding.

        What is this competition about? No child left behind, perhaps. It is great to encourage many kids to participate in science and engineering competitions, but science and engineering accomplishiments should be rewarded at such
        competitions, not dancing.

        We were also informed that next year, robot performance will count for even fewer points in the overall score, close to 12%. Why? Is that the same in other states or is Arizona special?

        Maybe, we should register our team elsewhere...


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          Re: Chairman Award Repeats

          Hi Julia2010,
          I'm not sure if you meant to post this in FLL, but from your description, I'm guessing that you're talking about an FLL competition (as opposed to FRC, which is where you've posted).

          At our regional tournament, there was a pilot project to make Robot Performance and Robot Design worth 16% each and Teamwork and the Project worth 33% each. Perhaps this is close to what you heard about? In addition to these weightings, the top ranked teams moved on - not those who won specific awards.

          It's important to remember that FIRST is about more than just robotics - it's about inspiring others towards science and technology. So, I'm not sure why the Research Project winners were praised for their dancing, but it is very feasible that the Championship winners were ranked #1 while being fifth on the robot table. If they had great teamwork, an excellent project, and a great robot design, they are considered to be an all-round great team. I think that's somewhat reasonable for the real-world. Although being able to perform is important, being able to communicate research findings and work with others is really important as well.

          As a side fact, the Chairman's award for FRC (which happens to be the thread you posted this in) is based completely on activities OTHER than the robot.