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animation 2012 whats going on with it??

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  • animation 2012 whats going on with it??

    hey everyone. hey im writing about the Excellence in Design Award Sponsored by Autodesk. what is happening with that???? im a animator who usually mentors the kids and i love what they create every year. its really rewarding to help kids explore wheither they like telling stories through animation every year. So here i am ready to start on the next competition and its TBA or coming soon??? every year animation teams gets 5 weeks do the 30 second animation . im just worried that if the start of the animation competition is pushed to far back that it will be hard for the kids to finish.

    i guess im all ready to get going on the competition and im left with nothing to do :P

    any info on this would be awesome


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    Re: animation 2012 whats going on with it??

    Our 2011 list focuses primarily on films set for release in the United States, but we’ve also rounded it out with a few foreign films. Of course, we’ll be covering dozens of other foreign and indie feature productions throughout the year, but even with the films below, 2012 is already looking like a decent year. If you know of other must-see animated films this year, please let us know in the comments.
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      Re: animation 2012 whats going on with it??

      I love animation movies very much awaiting for some awesome movies.. this year.