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    I would like to talk with teams using SolidWorks. I am a long time SolidWorks user and a new design mentor for Team 1089. I am trying to move us from Inventor to SolidWorks. The team didn't get far with Inventor primarily due to a lack of training and none of the mentors use it. I didn't figure this out until I asked a student make a slight change to a part to make it easier to machine and he got a funny look on his face. So we opened the part and I suddenly realize he had not used a single constraint and the model fell completely apart moving that one hole! Since I use it and in this area finding a job after high school with Inventor on your resume is mostly a non starter, everyone wants SolidWorks.

    I manage a small team of young engineers in my job using SolidWorks and was the administrator for SolidEdge for 12 years before that. What is taught in most schools and college too is the basics of how to model parts, build assemblies, and get a drawing. What most people don't realize is that those things only scratch the surface and that SolidWorks, and Inventor too are collaboration tools far remove from 2D Cad. They also don't realize that at the assembly level 3D modelers are actually BOM databases and that information can be used in powerful ways.

    In my job we create complex waste treatment plant 3D models, extract a BOM, and in another program we directly generate WorkOrders, Purchase Orders, Pick Lists, and a custom Reciever that directs the incoming parts right into the individual sub assembly bins for a build!

    I look forward to discussing this further with everyone interested

    Gary H. Lucas
    Director of Design & Innovation
    Innovative Treatment Products, LLC

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    Is no team here using SolidWorks? I have some questions in implementing it for FIRST.