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Should there be a Strength of Schedule factor in scoring?

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  • Should there be a Strength of Schedule factor in scoring?

    My son has done First Robotics for three years. So we don't know the full history or understand some of the details....

    BUT it seems to me that the scoring system at the competitions needs to incorporate a Strength of Schedule element into the scoring.

    Last year, our team had an "OK" robot ... certainly not a great robot, but not a complete clunker either.

    At one competition, with random selection, it turned out we played AGAINST 7 of the top 10 robots at the competition, and we were competing WITH no teams in the top 10. We had 14 opponents ranked higher than our highest partner. We did HORRIBLE at the competition. Two weeks later, we made the playoffs, with something like a 18 place ranking. Like I said, not a great robot, but an OK robot. In that competition, we had 4 top 10 partners and 5 top 10 opponents. The robot didn't change, BUT the strength of schedule did alot.

    I think the random nature of the matches, and the number of matches probably makes the schedule even out alot of times, BUT it certainly CAN mean someone gets a really easy schedule or a really hard schedule.

    SO, I wonder if FRC has considered incorporating a SOS (strength of schedule) element into scoring, and if others think it would be a good idea or not? And, if so, how should it be implemented?

    I can't really think of an approach that I think is really a strong clear best choice?
    Would you calculate SOS by adding all of your opponents Ranking points times 2 and subtracting all your partners Ranking points times 3 and then add that to your ranking point total? (one problem with that idea is that it is recursive, but there are others).

    Anyone have any other ideas?

    Just wondering...