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a robot box is needed, plz help your sister out :)

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  • a robot box is needed, plz help your sister out :)

    Hello everyone,
    We are team 7529 and we are participating in the Great North Regionals and Sacramento Regionals this year. We are an all-girls team from China and we are wondering if anyone/ team that is based around Sacramento can help your sister out.

    Soo... We are having our Great North Regionals a week before Sacramento regionals and we don't have time to ship the robot from Grand Fork (Great North Regionals) to Sacramento in 3 days so we decide that we need to abandon the box that we use to ship the robot from China to the US and take the robot apart and take it on the plane with us. This leave us with the problem that we don't have a box for us to ship the robot back to China or wherever our next destination is. We really hope that there will be a kind and loving team/person that can help us out by making us a wooden box for us to use to ship our robot. It doesn't need to be pretty just something that we can use We'll cover the coast for the box and we'll give you all our love

    Please contact us if you can help: [email protected]
    Thank you!谢谢!