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    So after having a team for a while we want to give people an official title. Besides President and Vice President what are some other jobs/titles we can give team members (mascot, head programmer)?

    Team 988

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    Re: Team Positions

    Here are some of ours: Rules Manager, Programming Manager, Building Manager, Photographer, Teamwork Interview Manager, Robot Design Interview Manager, Head of Research... Also, each one has a set-up and clean-up role. Each kid has at least 2 roles. Most importantly, we have a Minister of Fun!


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      Re: Team Positions

      Why not let the team come up with their own titles. But here's some I've heard:

      Master Chief builder (Halo influence?)
      Master attachment builder
      Mission continuity officer
      Master strategist
      Software Archivist
      My Block expert (one of my favorite)
      Light sensor expert
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        Re: Team Positions

        I've been with my team for 8 years. I think the positions depends on the number of students you have. When we had a team over 50 we need more captains to help everyone stay on task. This year we have 9 so there isn't a need for 5 captains. President and vice president are needed as long as ur vp is an underclassman u want to be president the next year. This year we combined electrical and programming to one position, combined drive train and point scoring to mechanical, and have a team support position in addition to the 2 essential ones. If you have too many positions but not enough students it'll be the old expression of "too many chiefs not enough indians". Hope it helps.