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Why hasn't Q208 (regarding bumper brackets) been answered yet?

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  • Why hasn't Q208 (regarding bumper brackets) been answered yet?

    We submitted Q208 4 days ago and haven't received an answer yet. Almost all questions which have been asked more than 1 day ago have already been answered. I understand that questions aren't necessarily answered in the order received, but this delay seems unusually long. This has me wondering: Is there a problem with the wording of the question? Is it particularly tricky? Did it fall through the cracks? Is there a more appropriate place than here to ask about the status of the question?

    For reference, here's the question:

    R30-F allows the use of aluminum brackets to attach BUMPER segments to each other (e.g. at corners as shown in Figure 8-5). Are brackets made of materials other than aluminum, for example steel, allowed? Are they allowed if the brackets also serve as part of the rigid fastening system permitted by R30-G?


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    Welcome to the FIRST Forums! You are correct that this question has been unanswered for longer than our typical target (<24 hours). That can happen for a variety of reasons (most often related to waiting for Team Update content before posting an answer which references it). In this case we wanted to consult some of our senior LRIs before answering to make sure our answer was consistent with current interpretations and did not have unintended consequences. We work to answer all questions as soon as we can, and our system allows us to easily see the oldest unanswered questions so that things don't slip through the cracks.
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      Got it. Thanks for the update!