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5thGear v 2.1 Released!

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  • 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

    A new patch for 5thGear is now available at the 5thGear ThinkTank page. Patch notes:

    -Fixed "Texture too wide" error on some video cards

    -Added keyboard tooltips for in-game bot commands

    -Changed start menu group to "5thGear team"

    -Fixed menu layout problems at small resolutions

    -Added controller diagrams to "select robot" screen

    -Fixed keyboard controls for holonomic robots in tank mode

    -Added geometry to prevent bots from entering goals


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    Re: 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

    I've tried installing on two different systems, XP and Win 7 and get the same error on both. "Unhandled exception: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\.....\5thg..tion_0000......72\Data\Content\Tex tures\ControllerHints'...

    I've tried to find 5thgear*.log files on each without luck. When I looked through both systems, I do find the \data\content...\ControllerHints files, but in very different directories...

    We'd love to run the simulators...can anyone help?



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      Re: 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

      Well, one problem sort of solved...I found out which folders were missing and copied them from zip file.. So now the server works, but when trying to run the controller instance on the same computer things start up..but then I get the error message "unhandled exception: the given key was not present in the directory". I've also looked for 5th*.log files with no luck.

      Any help or suggestions?


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        Re: 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

        After moving the content folder from the zip file into the data stuff, it runs the program fine.

        But when any client attempts to connect to the server, I get the "unhandled exception: the given key was not present in the directory" thing.


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          Re: 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

          Guys - Thanks for the "Unhandled Exception" report and other info - I'll make sure David hears about this ASAP so that he can try figure out what is different from our test environment(s) - Blake
          A Triangle Fraternity member and a 5th Gear programmer
          Thank You! to Lockheed Martin for their very generous support of 5th Gear, and FIRST/Vex Robotics!


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            Re: 5thGear v 2.1 Released!

            Whoops. This should now be fixed - version 2.1.1 is now up on the ThinkTank website: