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5th Gear at the 2009 FIRST Championships

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  • 5th Gear at the 2009 FIRST Championships

    After appearing at 13 FRC Regionals, Lockheed Martin is sponsoring the 3d Lunacy Match Simulator 5th Gear at the 2009 FIRST Championships. Using 5th Gear, 6 players use XBox controllers to collect Lunacy moon rocks, charge Lunacy super cells, and shoot or dump both into their opponents' trailers!

    Make sure to stop by the 5th Gear exhibit, which will located north of the FTC pit area, near the FRC Pits, on the north side of GWCC Hall C. Take a turn just for fun, or compete in one of our tournaments to see if you will be the 2009 5th Gear virtual champions (and win prizes)! Also, make sure to participate in the survey put out for the WPI Virtual Competition study to help shape the future of 5th Gear offerings.

    If you aren't attending the championships, never fear: 5th Gear is available as a free download. See the link below.

    5th Gear – What is it?

    An analysis and training tool useful throughout your entire FRC season.
    • Available to the students as a free download.
    • Interactively learn and analyze each year’s FRC challenge.
    • Test and refine your strategies before your robot is completed.
    • Practice driving and coaching; analyze technique by watching replays.
    • Convey FRC’s excitement and fun during recruiting.
    • Reach a broad audience during community outreach.

    See the flyer:

    See 5th Gear in action:

    Download 5th Gear:
    5th Gear: FIRST Robotics Match Simulator

    Lockheed Martin Employee

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    Re: 5th Gear at the 2009 FIRST Championships

    The results are in!

    During the FIRST Championships, the 5th Gear exhibit held preliminary tournaments that culminated in the Virtual Championship saturday.

    The following teams won preliminary tournaments of different formats:
    1. Playoff tournament #1 - Team 585, the Cyberpenguins
    2. Playoff tournament #2 - Team 1834, Evolution
    3. FRC Style Tournament - Team 2638, Rebellion, with 1209, the Robohornets as runners up (A thourough tournament that required a lot of the participating teams)
    4. Playoff tournament #3 - Team 585, the Cyberpenguins
    5. Double elimination tournament - Team 585, the Cyberpenguins

    Yes, that's right, the Cyberpenguins won 3 of the 5 preliminary tournaments. Also of note was team Talon (FRC 1598), and Elo is Awesome (FRC 578), who did well in one or more of the above tournaments.

    The 6 teams listed above were invited back to play in the Virtual Championship, a double elimination tournament. The finalists were Jacob, Max, and Jeremy of team 585, the Cyberpenguins.

    The 5th Gear Virtual Champions were Tim, Cody, and Jon of Team 1209, the Robohornets. The final match can be viewed here: Other videos from the 5th Gear exhibit, including a mascot match and a mobbing of Dean Kamen can be viewed here:

    Thank you all for participating, and to those of you who gave us feedback on how to best spend our efforts to make 5th Gear into a great virtual simulation tool for future FRC seasons!
    5th Gear: FIRST Robotics Match Simulator

    Lockheed Martin Employee