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Dedicated Server/Game over the internet

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  • Dedicated Server/Game over the internet

    In future versions is there going to be the possibility of a dedicated server type of thing?

    Also is it possible to host a server over the internet? What port would have to be forwarded to the host? Thank you
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    Re: Dedicated Server/Game over the internet

    On the todo list for sure.

    For the port numbers, forward 7562 and 7563.

    If you are adventurous and find someone else to try it with, here is an option. Hamachi is software which simulates a LAN over the internet. It allows you to establish a connection with other people, forming groups that act like LANs.

    If this is used, it gets around a lot of internet security and port forwarding issues when trying to play a game over the internet.

    Untested though, and there is no guarantee you'll get decent results, as lag may be a significant problem. In this situation, Overdrive is better suited, because there are not nearly as many pieces to keep track of.
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      Re: Dedicated Server/Game over the internet

      Well I was able to test it over an internet game (haven't tried hamachi) and it yielded interesting results. When I connected to myself through my ip address (24.190.95.xx) I was able to connect, but on my client screen I couldn't move at all, neither could my friend, except I could see us both moving on the server window. Our second test I connected to myself through my home address ( and my friend connected the same way as he had, and on my client screen I could see myself move and him move, but he couldn't just like the first test. So we tried a third test the same as the first test which gave the same results.

      I may give hamachi a shot