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Running 5thGear once it's installed (screenshots inside)

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  • Running 5thGear once it's installed (screenshots inside)

    So, since we've already gotten a couple of questions on it, here's a step-by-step guide to launching a session of 5thGear on a single machine, and driving a single robot around.

    Step 1: launch 5thGear from the start menu. Once the intro screens are done, you'll get to a screen that looks like this:

    Use the down arrow to move the highlight to "Start Server", and press Enter. Now you'll see this:

    Here you can set up some options for your server. The default game is Lunacy, but you can use the left/right arrow to switch to Overdrive if you want. The next line down is "sandbox mode", which turns off the two-minute time limit when it's enabled (left/right arrows again to enable or disable it; note that when sandbox is enabled, you can't get live cells into play, since they can only go in when there's less than 20 seconds left to play). Once you're done with that, down arrow once more gets you to Start Server - hit Enter again.

    Depending on your Windows settings, you might get this screen the first time you start the server - if you do, pick "Unblock".

    Once that's done, you need to start a second copy of 5thGear from the start menu. Once the intro movies are done there, you should have something like this:

    To be continued...

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    Re: Running 5thGear once it's installed (screenshots inside)

    This time, since "join client" is the default, just hit Enter.

    This is where the client picks which server to join. Since you're running the server on the same machine, the default IP address ( will work - if you want to connect to a different machine, backspace out that default and type the correct IP. Then, press the down arrow to highlight "join game" and hit Enter again.

    Assuming your client successfully connects to the server, you'll now see this:

    Again, several options here. You can pick from the three canned robots at the top row, pick your team on the second row (both of those again use the left/right arrows), and type in a name on the third row. Once you're happy with those, move down to Join Game and hit Enter for the next-to-last time.

    Now you're ready to go! Note that the server now shows "1 client connected". If you wanted to have more people join your game, they could repeat these last few steps right now. With the server window selected, hit Enter to start the game...

    and after a brief countdown...


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      Re: Running 5thGear once it's installed (screenshots inside)

      the game will begin! Note that at this point, I've moved the viewpoint on the server (using the arrow keys and pageup/pagedown), and changed the camera angle on the client as well (via the "C" key).

      Since I picked sandbox mode, that game won't end until I close the application with Alt+F4; otherwise, when time expires, I'd get the Game Over screen and then 5thGear would quit. (Having the server and client able to run multiple sessions in a row is on our to-do list - but that's a very long list!)

      I hope this is helpful!

      -David Dobbs
      (one of the 5thGear developers)