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  • Importing models?

    Will any future versions of 5th gear support the ability to import your own models created and saved as some standard form, or will teams just have to choose which premade models are the most similar to their robot?

    I think that if there was a way to "program" the model with 5th gear, then it would be possible to simulate whole concepts easily.

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    Re: Importing models?

    That's something we've discussed. It's definitely not going to be in during the Lunacy build/competition season - the hooks just aren't in place yet to allow importing and extensively customizing new models.

    -David Dobbs
    (a 5thGear developer)


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      Re: Importing models?

      This year's version is focused on strategy development/driver training/outreach, so doesn't yet attempt to help with actual design. That is a subject for consideration for future versions.

      If anyone is particularly adventurous, it may be possible this year to import another model, but it would require a great deal of tinkering and it hasn't been tested. If someone wants to try, and has the knack for editing xml, using 3rd party tools, and is pretty familiar with max, let me know. No promises, but it may be possible...
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