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  • Expanding The Pit Area

    The rules state to not expand your pit area. I was wondering if the rules are meant just about working on your robot outside your pit area with tools and expanding higher than 10 feet. At the 2007 Championship event, I saw several teams with posterboards and other media items against the walls talking about their programs and good works. This is great stuff and I really enjoyed the extra information these teams provided especially from a few of the Regional Chairman winners. BUT. I thought that this was not allowed due to safety and the expanding the pit area rules. Will more teams be putting up displays outside their pit area next year since it was allowed(or not stopped) this year?

    I was wondering if next year we could set up a special location for all the teams or at least just for each of the Regional Chairman winners to have all their media items together so other teams can see their displays without crowding up the robot pit area aisles.

    What do you all think?


    Here are the rules:
    © FIRST 2007 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual, Section 3 - At the Events, Rev A Page 12 of 20 NEW: Rules
    For safety and because of insurance regulations:
    • Teams cannot build any structure that supports people, or items for storage, above the
    work area in their team pit station.
    • No Team Station structures, signs, flags, or displays can be higher than 10 feet above the
    • Team Station signs, flags, and displays must be securely mounted to the structure.
    • FIRST personnel, event management, and/or local committee members will require teams
    to remove any pit structure that is deemed unsafe or outside specifications. Station Numbering/Signage
    Each team station will already be set up with its team number on a pole. The mounted signs
    are aligned for easy team identification and are reused at other events. Do not alter them or
    remove them, as this will be considered stealing. Space Regulations
    Each team is allotted approximately the same amount of workspace, usually about 10’ by 10’
    feet; however, the size may vary from event to event. Be sure your equipment will fit in a space
    smaller than those dimensions.
    It is not gracious to expand your area. Keep your equipment and team members within this
    area and do not “grow” into the aisle or undesignated space. If your team is too large to fit into
    the allotted space, encourage your team to leave the area to scout other teams and/or watch
    the matches.
    Don’t add to your space by setting up in another Pit area or by adding illegal height.
    3.7.5 Aisles
    It is extremely important to keep aisles clear for safety, judging accessibility, robot mobility,
    courtesy, and maintaining competition schedules. Keep chairs and equipment out of the aisles.
    Please sit in the audience, not on the floor or in the aisles. Judges/Safety Advisors will notice

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    Re: Expanding The Pit Area

    Interesting point. I think it would be beneficial if teams could setup a different place to showcase non-technical awards. It might also make judging a bit easier. However, there are some judges who judge everything a team has to offer and setting up a place for teams to showcase something like this is hard. Since FIRST has to keep everything as standard as possible between events, this might be hard to accomplish. None the less, this is an interesting suggestions and I think FIRST should think about it.