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Mission 12, if you could do it all over again

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  • Tom Mosher
    For height I'd just score the highest level achieved in each circle (not the sum per stack, just one height for each circle), with a "difficulty" multiplier for the circles that are farther away. And score a bonus for each unit that matched the color of that circle.

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  • EricM
    I was thinking something to encourage tall towers. Say each level is worth that number of points. So a 1 level tower is 1 pt, a 4 level tower is 10 pts, etc. Maybe a bonus for the white circle

    My co-coach said the current mission encourages "urban sprawl".

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  • SkipMorrow
    started a topic Mission 12, if you could do it all over again

    Mission 12, if you could do it all over again

    No doubt Mission 12 has been a source of angst and confusion. So, I have a question. How would you write it if you were given the chance? I would like to think the number one goal is to keep the mission challenging while making the rules easy to understand. Write your proposed mission rules in your best FLL-language and reply here.

    Here's my attempt:
    Mission 12 Design & build (Please take the needed time to understand the scoring examples)
    - LOCATION - If there are any Circles with at least one color-matching Unit Completely In, and Flat Down on the Mat:
    10 Each Circle
    - BUILD: Score points for each independent piece partly in a circle:
    Tan = 4 points
    Red = 4 points
    White = 3 points
    Blue = 1 point
    - HEIGHT BONUS - If there is an Independent Stack at least partly in any Circle, score (one stack per circle max)
    5 Each Level ABOVE level 2 (for example, a stack three units tall will get a 5 point bonus; a stack 4 units tall will get a 10 point bonus)
    Note: The Blue Circle is not Part of Mission 12.
    Note: All mission 12 pieces must be flat ("flat" defined as having a surface parallel to the mat).
    Note: "Partly in" includes any pieces that cross the imaginary cylindrical plane above a circle on the mat.

    This rewards height without worrying about bridges, and gives more points for bigger structures