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  • Use of brick separator

    My kids want to use the orange brick separator as part of one of their attachments, which I think is brilliant out of the box thinking, however, I don't think it's allowed since the rules say "LEGO-made building parts" and to use the kids' words, technically it's an "unbuilding part." Has anyone ever tried using the brick separator as part of an attachment in a competition?

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    Someone in the FLL Share & Learn community requested an official judgment on this from FIRST ([email protected]) back in August. They were told definitively that it is a legal part to use. You may want to verify for yourself before relying on it though!


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      Personally, I haven't seen the brick separator used as part of the equipment. As to whether it is a "building part", it has never been covered in referee training that I know of.

      Yes, you might be able to contact FIRST, and they'll give you an answer. But the referees won't be able to use that answer, because forum posts and emails are not in Rule 17's list of rules references.

      Personally, I think it is a legal part, but not every referee will necessarily agree.

      So, to make your team's tournament day drama-free, I recommend that you contact your regional head referee, or your tournament director, and ask about it in advance. Those are the folks who have the most influence over rulings that are made on-site at a tournament.

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        Brick separators were more popular in the RCX days. They make a pretty good wedge. I haven't seen one used since my daughter was in FLL 10 years ago. I don't know why anyone would think it isn't a building part. There are all kinds of funning looking LEGO parts. If it is LEGO and can be connected to another LEGO part it is a building part.


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          Of course LEGO brick separators are legal. They can be attached to other LEGO parts. It is still a "building part".



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            There are many other unusual and rarely seen Lego parts that are legal that most Referees (and other teams and Coaches) have never seen.