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  • Crane alignment

    If a team wanted to drop the hooked blue building unit onto the blue building unit placed in the thin black square outside the blue circle, the way our crane model operates, the lever would need to be moved to a position just shy on the full range of motion; moving the lever completely puts crane into a position where the string is aligned pretty much with the edge of the blue building unit, and dropping the hooked unit will likely result in the hooked unit falling to the mat in front of the other blue building unit.

    This is fine, and if the construction of the crane is such that the motion should be almost all the way (and pretty precise at that), so be it. But I thought I'd check to see if that's the way everyone else's crane unit also operates, or if I should instruct the team to be double-checking their model; it just seems to me like perhaps moving the lever all the way is intended to result in full alignment, and our model is not operating properly.

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    Your model sounds like it is correct. Pushing the rotate lever turns the crane too far around. This appears to be by design.
    teams will need to find a solution that creates a proper alignment. What looks like a simple 50 points takes some delicate solutions.
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      Thanks. I also confirmed in another forum that the crane model is working this way for everyone else.