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    For mission 11, does the structure has to be in a circle without any other blocks.

    For example, if I pushes a structure completely in a circle (15 points), in the same circle, I also have put a small blue block (5 points). Do I get 20 points? or the fact that there are other blocks in the same circle, it is a violation.


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    As long as your mission 11 structure and your mission 12 stack do not touch each other, they can be in the same circle. However, if your structures touch, then you lose the stack points but retain the mission 11 points.
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      Thanks is1c, if the block and the structure do touch, but are independent. One example is that they touch on the side only, just like two blocks standing side by side. Do I still get the full points?


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        No. they cannot touch and be independent. They are not Independent as defined by the rules. Independent is not touching any equipment. If the sides are touching, they are not independent per Rule 33. Per the update, the structure is equipment. RG18
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          Thanks DJR,

          Just so I understand, the definition of equipment is "This is anything you bring to a Match for Mission-related activity, including the Robot", The team designed structure is considered an equipment.

          The definition of Independent is "Not touching any equipment".

          In my example, the blue unit is touching the "equipment" - the team designed structure, and based on mission 12 rules, for a unit to score, it needs to be independent, therefore, it won't score.
          But the equipment - the team designed structure itself, will score since it is completely inside a circle and meet the mission 11 rule.

          Is this explanation correct?


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            Yes, you are correct. Now the team goal is to deliver them and leave them not touching.
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              Thanks DJR!


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                Originally posted by [email protected]
                I am not sure that I agree with the interpretation that stacks that touch each other would not count as independent. The examples shown in the rules clearly show stacks touching each other and are scored as independent as long as there is not bridging.
                The main discussion here is about whether the Mission 11 structure can be touching a Mission 12 stack. It can't.

                The Mission 11 structure is Equipment, not a stack. So if a Mission 12 stack is touching it, then it fails the "Independent" test.

                Two different mission 12 stacks can be touching each other "horizontally", but only if neither is supporting the weight of the other (not "vertically"). Any "bridging" would make them into one stack.
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