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  • Launch Area Robot size

    I have a question about the rule of the robot size limit in the launch area.

    In the rule book, it states that
    READY SITUATION: Your Robot and everything it’s about to move or use is arranged as you like. It must fit completely in the Launch Area and measure no taller than 12 in. (30.5 cm).

    I have a horizontal fixture (just a bar) attached to the front left side of the robot, it is no higher than 5 inches. But the problem is it’s a little too long so that it is about 1 inches passing the edge of the launch area. the other parts of the robot including the base are completely inside the launch area.

    My question is would this be considered a violation?


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    If it extends past the inner quarter circle line that marks the perimeter of the launch area, it is illegal and you won't be allowed to launch.


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      Yes, that's a violation. "Must fit completely in the Launch Area" is pretty clear.
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        Yes, illegal if it does not fit even a little bit.

        Maybe learn about linear actuators? Not sure of the mission you are trying to solve, but many teams use linear actuators to give their robot more "reach". And there are other possibilities but I think the linear actuators are common enough that I'm not spilling too many beans here.
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          Thank you very much everybody!

          Thank you SkipMorrow for suggesting solutions.


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            Or a mechanism that is folded and extends after the launch