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    RG13 - HOME, STRATEGIC AND ADAPTIVE STORAGE ---If the Robot happens to interact with something which is at rest in Home, that shall not be considered an interaction with you, so it’s not an Interruption. Said another way: After any Launch, and before the next Interruption, the Robot is free to go in and out of Home, and interact with things, even if you “staged” them strategically.

    Ah, this would be helpful! I don't know why I didn't notice this rules update before. My team used to always line the robot up on the wall for launch, and now with the loss of the western wall they have been back to counting lines on the mat and spending far too long eyeballing the alignment of the robot before hitting the launch button.

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    So after launch, the robot could immediately "back up" against the western wall, or against a suitable barrier present in Home. Yes, that sounds useful.


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      Be advised that there is no requirement that the mat be taped to the table between the Launch Area and Home. So driving off the mat (into Home) and back onto the mat again may require that the robot drive over a loose edge of floppy vinyl.
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        There is also no guarantee your tournament table will be exactly X size inside, and/or the mat may not be fully aligned to the "east" wall due to having to align the center bridge marks to both tables. Meaning the exact width of Home is not a precise distance.