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    They were allowing stacks to be constructed, but they were forbidding lifting and holding them and jigs or attachments off the surface, especially to clear the way as robots were returning to Home. This seems overly restrictive. I can't imagine Scott intended objects to remain in contact with the surface while being stored. We are running another QT 11/23, would be good to know direction.


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      Originally posted by rising eagle View Post
      This seems overly restrictive.
      I agree, technicians can manage Home anyway they choose. They can't move objects to some other place, but there is no text saying contact with table is required top be "in home". In fact, other text implies Home is a volume. What ref can truly determine if a tech is moving a stack in preparation for a new action versus an incoming robot.

      All that being said, yes - teams should have a plan and some practice as to what is going on. Home likely seams so large this year that space management is not a big focus. But indeed it is. And refs do look at context. Meaning if you are working hard to maintain order, have a plan - but something goes amiss. Much more likely to receive some leniency, than if everything looks like last minute chaos and reactions.


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        Originally posted by rising eagle View Post
        Does an object have to touch the table surface or side wall face to be considered in Home? There is no ceiling, but: "HOME – Table surface west of the Field Mat that includes the faces of its Border Walls." Is an object held over this surface in Home? At our QT yesterday, the Referees stated kids could not lift anything off the table surface in home between launch and interrupt. After review of the Home definition and RG13 "you can shift that thing", I think they may have unintentionally created this restriction (or is it intended?)
        My understanding is that HOME is the entire volume above that area on the mat. There is no restriction that objects must remain in contact with the surface.

        Those referees seem to have invented a rule which makes playing the game extremely difficult, to no useful purpose.
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          FWIW, I contacted FLL with specific questions about Rule 26. Scott responded to me. The response is below. Since some referees are prohibiting kids from picking equipment up between launch and interruption, I do wonder if yet another rule update would be helpful. Anyway, here are the questions and responses below:

          Questions and Answers:

          It's not clear to me, and others apparently, what the expectation is of Rule 26.

          My apologies. That confusing over-simplistic “summary” was added by a well-meaning editor, and it came to my attention after things went to print.

          Is the expectation that kids are not allowed to pick up any equipment within the Home area between Launch and Interruption?

          That would be an over-interpretation. Teams can and are expected to treat Home like their or garage, then treat the Launch Area like a starting line at a race track. You can work on and store things as needed - any time - in the garage, but your only business on the starting line is to straighten your goggles, and hit the gas, and only at the designated time.

          Because I knew that “Rule 26” is cloudy at best, I gave a clarification in the first sentence of Update 13. Maybe a fresh peek at that now, in the context of this exchange, will help?

          Does all equipment need to be returned to home before the robot is allowed to be launched?

          No, but that would be best-practice. Sharp referees will know from Rules 22 through 24 that immediately after Launch, the Launch Area is just another non-Home area out in the Field - where you’re not allowed to go touching stuff. So technically, anything left sitting in the Launch Area after the instant of Launch needs to sit there (inaccessible / in the way?) until the next time you’re eligible to touch stuff there, which is after the next Interruption.


          Is it forbidden for a kid to pick up an attachment and carry it in preparation for the next launch before the robot is interrupted?

          As long as that action stays west of the west edge of the Mat, that’s fine, expected, and extremely commonplace.

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