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City Shaper Mission 11 Model Starting Position

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  • City Shaper Mission 11 Model Starting Position

    The instructions for mission 11 don't describe where the architectural structure needs to be at the beginning of the mission. One video I watched shows it in the Home area, then a team member moved it in front of the robot in the Launch area before starting the program. Can the model start in Launch, or does it have to start in Home?

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    Before the match starts, the structure will be in Home, because it is part of the team's Equipment.

    It is up to the team's strategy how it will be moved into a scoring position.
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      It's my understanding that the model can start in the launch area.


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        Expanding on Tom's answer, per Mission 11, the team builds the model before the Match and brings it to the Match. Definition 20 makes the Mission 11 model Equipment.
        Rule 19 requires that the Equipment be placed for inspection in either the small or large inspection area. Rule 19 - after inspection, the team can place the Mission 11 model in either Home or the Launch area.
        So, to answer your question, the model must start in the team's equipment and before the start of the Match, must be placed in the large or small inspection area. From there, it's up to the team where it goes.
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