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Use of Lego Rubber Bands with Mission 12

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  • Use of Lego Rubber Bands with Mission 12

    Is it allowed to use the Lego rubber bands to hold the Mission 12 building units together?

    For example, we have multiple stacks of units and the small Lego rubber bands that come in the kits are wrapped around the units to prevent them from falling while being moved into one of the circles.

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    Rubber bands are equipment.


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      Thanks for responding. Therefore, I believe your answer is Yes, the rubber bands are allowed because Rule 02. "EQUIPMENT – This is anything you bring to a Match for Mission-related activity, including the Robot." So, the rubber bands to hold the building units together are the "mission-related activity" and therefore allowed.

      Am I interpreting that correctly?


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        After reading the thread on "Mission 12 stack reinforcement?", I now understand. The answer is NO because Mission 12 states "if there are Independent Stacks at least partly in any Circles" and Rule 33 defines Independent to mean "not touching any equipment".

        Since the rubber bands are equipment, they cannot remain attached to the units.


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          I think you need to check the definition of "Independent" as relates to Mission 12.


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            Tim, thanks. I checked the definition so I assume "independent" is the same for Mission 12 as it would be for any other mission. So, the equipment (the rubber band) could be used, but it cannot remain with the stacked units otherwise, it would not be independent since it would be "touching" the units.

            Given this, using the rubber bands to hold the units together would not work very well because the team would then need to remove the rubber band(s). Not good.

            Thanks for everybody's season advice and comments.