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  • Mission 11

    If there is a team-designed Structure clearly bigger than a Blue Building Unit, built only from your white LEGO bricks
    - Completely In any Circle: 15
    - Partly in any Circle: 10
    Random Structure shown. Design and build your own Structure before you compete, then bring that to each Match. You don't build it during the Match.
    Your mission 11 Structure needs to be built from Bag 10 elements only. It can include the red and gray elements. Not all of the Bag 10 elements need to be used.

    So, which is it? White bricks only, or white and red and gray? I don't have my kit yet, so maybe it makes more sense when I see it, but I am wondering why specifically say only white bricks in one part, and then add some text to the end and say white + red + gray? Even the picture has a red brick (yes, I know the pictures don't mean anything, but in this case it certainly adds to the confusion).
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    I think "your white LEGO bricks" is short hand for "your LEGO bricks from bag 10 that are mostly white". Here is a picture of them from the challenge documents: Screenshot_2019-08-02_06-29-04.png

    My interpretation of the rules is:
    • Use some or all of the pieces from bag 10. They are mostly white pieces but you may use the red and gray as well.
    • Don't use any pieces that don't come in bag 10.
    • Make it as big as the blue building unit (clarified in the updates to mean 4 studs long or wide)
    • Get it in or partly in any circle to score points
    • This is supposed to be a creative exercise, so what your design is doesn't matter for scoring
    • We are going to be disappointed if you don't do something cool (but that won't cost you points)


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      This is discussed further in the official Update document for this week, though the text is in "IO02" section (the Innovative Project part, but labeled "Mission 11 and the (mostly) white bricks".

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        The italicized note below the Mission 11 text clarifies that you can also use the red and gray elements from Bag 10.
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