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Intentionally interrupting the robot - 1 ref said OK, 2nd ref said no

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    Originally posted by Leon R View Post
    There used to be a specific rule that prohibited stopping robot before it would ruin your score . But that rule is not longer there! I feel like applying R14 to this situation is a stretch and trying to apply "intend", something referees specifically are not supposed to do.

    I do not know if this was intentional omission, but it was omitted. Teams that pick up on this should be allowed to do it.
    Way back in "World Class" under "Team/Hand Action" there was "Rule 48 - Strategic/Precision Stop" that described things that are not allowed:

    If your eyes are doing the work of a sensor...
    If your window of execution for touching the robot is conveniently precise...
    If a new scoring condition is produced OR preserved by the precision of the grab...

    The "Strategic Interrupt" rule was dropped the following year (Trash Trek), likely replaced by new rules describing what happened to transported objects when the robot is interrupted.

    FLL rules have a long shelf life. Isn't there a rule that says the robot has to completely exit the base before it can score points?