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M15 Lander Touch Down and robot interruption

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  • M15 Lander Touch Down and robot interruption

    I understand you can interrupt the robot and take a 3 points penalty and quickly take the robot to base (and potentially make more missions that you would without interruptions).

    However, what if you catch the Lander in M15 and interrupt the robot to bring both the robot and the Lander parts back to base. Will you get the points for bringing the Lander to base?

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    Your team needs to carefully read the beginning part of the rules, particularly the Definitions and Play sections, and especially R14. I think you'll find a clear answer to your question.


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      I agree, read the rule about Interrupting the robot and what happens to objects it is transporting.
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        Agree:-). I didn't read it carefully enough.

        The clear answer is that the referees will take the objects in this case and you will have no points.