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  • EV3 CR Work Around

    I'm on a Win10 LT running EV3 Classroom. Until Lego can fix it, If you need to delete a stack of code, rather than delete 1 at a time drag in a Repeat block, place the stack in it and then delete the Repeat loop.

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    was informed you can just drag the whole stack to the into the Palette. Hahahaha!

    Now find a solution to copy code between projects and we're set to ... Lego!


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      I'm looking for the same answer. In some ways, EV3 classroom is inferior to EV3 lab.


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        I was looking for that too. But there seems to be no way to copy/paste code. Although it is fairly well possible in the 'original' Scratch environment.
        I looked into the scratch source code (the project saved is in fact a zip file with a different extension; rename it to .zip and you can open it) and there you could copy paste code, but you have to get all references between blocks right. This is not easy at all.
        I consider this a gamechanger, and I decided that for something like the FLL, with a big project that consists of multiple smaller parts, this 'new' software is useless. So we go for the old LabView based environment.
        If anyone finds the way to copy and paste blocks in the CR edition, please post the solution here.