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Looking for EV3 Classroom (scratch) resources

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  • Looking for EV3 Classroom (scratch) resources

    I've been looking for, and failing to find, documentation for the EV3 Classroom code. I downloaded the windows version today, and it looks like something I'd like to teach the kids. Maybe my Google Fu isn't up to par, but also, the term "classroom" has more generic meanings.

    Specific things I'm a little hung up on, for example:
    1. In ev3-g, you can have multiple programs per project. I don't see a way to do that. Looks like making myblocks would work, at least for the purposes of a sequencer program.
    2. Looking for a way to do something if any brick button is pressed. I can do a "wait until down is pressed", and I could do a busy wait checking for each button. I can do an event handler, but I don't see a way to activate and deactivate those listeners.

    Any leads?


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    A resource I used to teach a class last year -


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      1. EV3 Classroom is more restrictive than EV3 Lab when it comes to projects. A project can contain multiple stacks of blocks but they all go together on the Brick as a single program with the same name as the project. One other difference is projects are saved automatically on the PC when they are changed.
      2. You can use the general When block to construct a complex condition where it waits for a variable to change and a button to be pressed.