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Bug in EV3 Classroom?

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  • Bug in EV3 Classroom?

    Anybody else seeing this behavior? I don't remember this happening in version 1.0.0, but I don't remember if I had done this exact method prior to updating.

    I have EV3 Classroom version 1.1.1. My large motors are on B and C, and my medium motors are on A and D. If I make a program that repeats forever with a start motor B at the speed of color sensor reflected light intensity, motor A moves at the speed dictated by the light sensor. No matter which motor port I select motor A runs. If I put the light sensor value in a variable and put the variable in the speed bubble the appropriate motor B moves at the speed dictated by the light sensor. Movement blocks on the other hand seem to work properly with sensor inputs in direction and/or speed.

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    Lego support suggested updating firmware. There is now a 1.10 version which I installed. This appears to have fixed the issue.