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Problem with EV3 Software Download Please! 5-5-2020

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  • Problem with EV3 Software Download Please! 5-5-2020

    Our team received a brand new Lenovao Yoga laptop computer (CORE i5 10th Generation, Windows 10). We are trying to install the educator version of the EV3 software from LEGO Education. After going through all the download steps, the EV3 icon appears on the screen. When we double-click on the icon, the error message below appears and the screen and the EV3 program locks-up. We have to go to the Task Manager to end the program. We spent @ 2 hours on the phone with LEGO Ed. Tech Support. They had not seen this error message before. We installed Google Chrome, uninstalled the EV3 program(s), then reinstalled it. Same problem. We uninstalled the preloaded McAfee security program too - this made no difference in the program being able to open correctly. LEGO Ed. though it might be something to do with the MS Silverlight program. We tried uninstalling this too, but this did not help. The Best Buy Geeks had no ideas either - and wanted to charge us an extra fee to help. They said we can return our computer and purchase a new one.

    We have included a picture of the error message below. Can anyone offer any suggestions to our team please? You may need to view the attachment below in full-size mode - then enlarge it with Ctrl +

    Thank you for any ideas you may have for us to try,

    FIRST FLL Team #27006
    the Fin-tastic Fish
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    @1Kennewickman I can't see the attached picture. I would suggest you post the issue over in the Facebook FLL Share and learn group. That group has more traffic than this one. Good luck!


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      Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem.