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NXT Ultrasonic sensor on EV3 with Lego Classroom (Scratch)

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  • EHMentor
    In my other post about a bug which Lego suggested updating the firmware seems to have fixed this problem as well. The NXT ultrasonic sensor is now recognized.

    In other news I dug out the NXT force sensor. The EV3 classroom software does not see it in the view sensors area of the computer screen, but accessing that port using the reflected light sensor block reports correct numbers.

    Since Spike Prime has a force sensor I wonder if it will be in the legal pile?

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  • NXT Ultrasonic sensor on EV3 with Lego Classroom (Scratch)

    I'm trying to use an NXT Ultrasonic sensor on an EV3 in EV3 Classroom (Scratch). It displays random numbers.
    I tried the Ultrasonic and Color sensor blocks.
    Also the sensor readout on the computer monitor does not recognize that anything is plugged in, it goes directly to a motor after the sensor in port 3.

    I checked with Mindstorms EV3 - G and the NXT Ultrasonic sensor works there. I used the EV3 ultrasonic block.